Buy Choice Privilege Points and Select a Bonus or Discount Until February 3, 2023

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More points or save money? Choice Privilege lives up to its name by allowing its rewards members to select their new year’s offer. Until February 3, 2023, Choice Privilege is offering up to 25% discount or up to 30% bonus points when buying points. It’s the perfect time to boost your points to redeem at more than 7,100 Choice Privilege properties worldwide.

Choice Privilege Rewards members can pick their preferred promotion: Discount or Bonus Points. Although both are excellent deals, the offers vary in which is the best deal based on how many points are purchased—each deal offers price and bonus breaks. Most members have an annual purchase limit of 180,000 points (some members have limits reaching 250,000 points). See below for details about each promotion when buying points:

Point Bonus – Up to 30% bonus

Points PurchasedBonus PointsCost per point
0-3,000 pointsNo Bonus1.28 cents
4,000-7,000 points20% Bonus Points0.95 cents
8,000-19,000 points25% Bonus Points0.82 cents
20,000+ points30% Bonus Points0.79 cents

For example, members can pay $1,030.00 for 100,000 points and receive 130,000 points, including the 30% bonus. Buying 10,000 points for $103.00 will land a total of 12,500 points in your account with the 25% bonus.

Alternatively, select the point discount option to save money on your purchase. 

Point Discount – Up to 25%

Points PurchasedPrice discountCost per point
0-3,000 pointsNo Discount1.28 cents
4,000-7,000 points15% Discount0.97 cents
8,000-19,000 points20% Discount0.82 cents
20,000+ points25% Discount0.77 cents

For example, 100,000 points cost only $772.50 (reg. $1,030) after the 25% discount, and 10,000 points are just $82.40 (reg. $103) after the 20% discount.

To get the best value paid for points, the points bonus option is recommended for up to 19,000 points, and the points discount has the best value if purchasing 20,000 or more points.

How to Use Rewards

Points purchased or gifted with the promotion will appear in the member account within 24 hours. After receiving them, members can use the points to redeem for rewards with Choice Privileges.

Buy Choice Privileges points to use for:

  • Redeem for free night stays at all Choice Hotels properties and brands worldwide.
  • Discounted stays when combining points + cash during hotel booking
  • Purchase gift cards and subscriptions for Amazon, restaurants, and more via the Choice Hotels e-shopping portal.
  • Transfer points with loyalty programs on travel partners, including Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Qantas, Air Canada, Club Premier partners, and Amtrak.
  • Donate points to non-profit organizations

The good news is that Choice Privilege points do not expire as long as members maintain an active account—earn, redeem, or purchase points at least once every 18 months.

Getting the Offer

Buying points is only available for Choice Privilege rewards members and must be logged in to view the promotion page. To select either Discount or Bonus offer, the respective text is on the bottom-left corner of the promotional banner. Lastly, the promotion is automatically applied to see your bonus or discount before checking out.

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