Buy Avianca LifeMiles and Get 2 for 1 + Up to 40% Bonus

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Avianca put its LifeMiles on sale again in the latest promotion. When buying LifeMiles, you’ll get two for one plus up to 40% bonus points. It’s like getting up to a 140% bonus on your purchase. Although, you’ll have to meet certain purchase minimums to get the largest bonus.

The promotion is scheduled to end on July 26, 2023. However, Avianca previously extended its last promotion, so we could see the same for this offer in case you need more time to decide whether it’s the best time to buy miles.

Members can purchase miles in increments of 1,000, with a maximum yearly purchase limited to 200,000 points. The purchase screen displays the following miles prices:

  • Buy LM 5,000 for $165 – Get LM 11,000 total or a 120% bonus
  • Buy LM 10,000 for $330 – Get 22,000 total or a 120% bonus
  • Buy LM 50,000 for $1,650 – Get 115,000 total or a 130% bonus

There’s also the option to choose your preferred amount of points to purchase. Getting the 140% bonus starts at 65,000 points.

Should You Buy LifeMiles

Avianca LifeMiles are always on sale, with little time in between offers before the next promotion starts. While purchase bonuses are the best time to add miles to your account, this isn’t the best offer we’ve seen. If you’re patient, you can wait until other offers, as high as a 200% bonus on points.

LifeMiles can be used to book flights on Star Alliance, including United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Air Canada. If you spot a sweet deal on Avianca or partnering airlines, buying miles with the bonus can be just enough to book the reward flight. However, buying points to save for later isn’t the best option.

Bottom Line

When checking the promotion, I got an error screen several times. Be sure to check the Buy Miles page to ensure it’s the right deal. Clicking the link sometimes took me to a page offering up to a 150% bonus (but it expired June 30), and in another browser, the same link went to the current offer of up to 140% ending July 26.

Many have reported inconsistencies and unreliability with the LifeMiles platform, which should be taken into consideration when making a larger point purchase.

Let us know in the comments if you have experience purchasing Avianca LifeMiles.

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