Avios Double Promotion From British Airways (Until November 21, 2023)

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Image source British Airways Promo

British Airways has announced an enticing offer for its Executive Club Members that promises to double the Avios points earned on flights and holidays. This generous proposal, open for a limited time, is set to benefit the frequent flyers tremendously, giving them a chance to rake in extra rewards as they traverse the globe.

The offer is valid for British Airways Executive Club members and those who have just joined the program until October 24, 2023.

Registration and Booking Window

This offer requires separate registration between October 24 and November 21, 2023. Successful registration will be confirmed by a thank you message, after which participants can proceed to booking their flights or vacation. 

How to earn double Avios bonus rewards

The promotion is split into two parts: 

Firstly, double Avios points on up to 10 Qualifying Flights, including flights taken as part of a Qualifying Holiday. 

Secondly, a similar double Avios offering on Qualifying Holidays, where every pound spent on the total cost of a holiday accrues two Avios points, instead of the usual one. This applies to Qualifying Holidays booked during the promotional window, with the flight element originating from the UK.

What Defines a Qualifying Flight or Holiday?

A Qualifying Flight refers to any leg of a journey with a BA prefix, excluding reward flights or Avios upgrades. This includes domestic flights within the UK and transatlantic flights operated by British Airways or select partners. Multi-leg trips are counted individually towards the maximum of ten flights. Similarly, a Qualifying Holiday is a new booking of a Flight+Hotel, Flight+Car, or a combination thereof, made post-registration and within the promotional dates.

Collection and Timing of Avios Points

Eligible participants will receive double Avios within 24-48 hours after the completion of each flight. For holiday bookings, base Avios are credited up to six weeks post-trip, while bonus Avios follow up to eight weeks later. This prompt awarding system ensures that members can enjoy their rewards almost as swiftly as they accrue them.

Payments for bookings can’t be made via cheque if booked directly, and a fee is applied to telephone bookings.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth remembering that British Airways has changed the way you earn Avios. Starting from October 18, 2023, Executive Club members can earn Avios for flights on British Airways based on the ticket price, not the distance. Premium rewards have also seen a substantial decrease. The additional earnings for Silver and Gold members have been halved.

That’s why this promotional offer is quite a good deal, because with double bonuses we reach the numbers for dynamic “enhancement”. Those who fly on expensive tickets for short or short-haul flights will be able to earn especially well. 

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