10% Off Qatar Airways Flights Through August 15

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Enter the QVerse with Qatar Airways. Get 10% off when you book by August 15 for travel dates until January 14, 2024. To get the discount, use promo code ‘QV3RSE’.

Although Qatar Airways is part of the One World Alliance, this discount only applies to flights operated by Qatar Airways. It gives you more than 150 destinations to choose from, including flights between the Middle East and the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and more.

Applying the Discount Code

The discount applies to one-way and return trips on eligible routes. Here’s how to save on your next booking:

  1. Visit the discount offer page here
  2. Input details for your trip (from, to, one-way or return, dates, and passenger/class)
  3. Click ‘Add promo code’ in the flight search feature and add ‘QV3RSE’ coupon code
  4. Click ‘Show flights.’
  5. You will see ‘Promo code has been successfully applied’ on the search results page.
  6. The discount code is automatically applied to all results for eligible fares

A benefit of the promotion is that you can use it more than once during the offer period. If you have multiple trips planned before January 14, 2024, make all your reservations before August 15, 2023, and you’ll get a discount for each booking.

Earning Avios Points

Earn Avios Points with Qatar Airways based on the booking class and the travel distance for your flight. Using the 10% discount code means you’ll earn the same points by spending less.

Point earnings vary depending on the booking class. Since the discount only applies to select booking fares, here are how points are calculated:

ClassFare TypePoints Earned
Economy ClassicO, T, Q, NDistance x 50%
Economy ConvenienceS, V, L, M, KDistance x 75%
Business ClassicRDistance x 125%
Business ComfortI, DDistance x 175%

Points you earn on a flight are clearly displayed on the flight details page. Also, use the My Calculator tool to find out how many points you’ll earn on a flight to compare across fare categories. Want to get even more points? Privilege Club elite status tier members receive bonus points:

  • Silver – 25% bonus
  • Gold – 75% bonus
  • Platinum – 100% bonus

Make sure you’re logged in to your account or provide your Avios number when booking to get the elite tier bonus.

You can use Avios points to book reward travel on airline partners, including American Airlines and British Airways.

Final Thoughts

Keep this coupon code handy when booking flights with Qatar Airways since you can use it multiple times. The 10% discount lets you earn Avios points for slightly less than the regular price because the price paid isn’t a factor in how many points you earn per trip.

You have until August 15 to make your reservations here.

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