Radisson Rewards points purchase offer “Up to 50% bonus points” (until December 21, 2023)

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Offer Ends: Expired

Radisson Rewards has recently announced a new promotion, offering bonus points on purchased points. This offer, running from December 7th to December 21st, 2023, is designed to help members accelerate their rewards accumulation. However, it’s essential to understand the details and implications of this promotion.

Key Features of the Promotion

Tiered Bonus Structure: The bonus percentage increases with the number of points purchased. It ranges from a 20% bonus for 5,000-14,000 points to a 50% bonus for 50,000-250,000 points.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Participants must be Radisson Rewards members.
  • Points must be purchased through Radisson channels facilitated by Points.com within the promotion period.

Bonus Points Breakdown:

  • No bonus for purchasing 1,000 to 4,000 points.
  • Up to 50% bonus for purchases ranging from 5,000 to 250,000 points.

Annual Limits:

  • Members can buy up to 250,000 points per year, with a maximum of 375,000 points awarded, including bonuses.
  • A member may acquire a total of 750,000 points in a year, combining points bought and gifted.

Considerations Before Purchasing Points

While the offer might seem appealing at first glance, it’s crucial to evaluate its practical value. Purchasing points effectively translates to a cash transaction for future stays. Therefore, before proceeding, members should:

  • Calculate Reservation Costs: Assess if buying points will lead to savings or increased costs for upcoming reservations.
  • Consider Alternative Booking Methods: Often, direct cash bookings might be more cost-effective than acquiring points, even with bonuses.


This Radisson Rewards promotion offers a structured way to boost points balance, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Members should carefully weigh the benefits against their specific travel plans and preferences. As a general rule, buying points should not be an automatic choice, especially if it leads to higher costs compared to other booking methods.

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